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Where not alot of dreams come true to be honest

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29 September 1990
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Hi I'm Alex.

I study Graphic Design at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, which is part of the Robert Gordon's University.
I'm in 1st year, loving the student life, but not the finance!

I am obsessed with Doctor Who all all related stuff :) More of a New Who fan cause I'm only 18.
I love Doctor Who cosplay and costuming. Big fan of Rose's wardrobe, I own a few of her articles of clothing at home.

I just passed my driving test recently, and I love driving, I've got a cute little motor which I love, it's got a personality of it's own!
It's a '78 Beetle

It's called Edna!

I don't really update my journal much, I just use LJ for the communities.

My favourites are "dw_cosplay" and "batman_lulz"

I also make icons from time to time.

Credit my Icons like This

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